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Boston, Mass.” Or, at least, thereabouts…
Find it strange that this rusty contraption
should remind me of you, where you are?

It was easier for you, who were leaving
(you said it yourself weeks ago),
than for us, who were staying, once more.

You, returning to Richard, your country,
to New England – the old one behind you –
to a peace here in London unknown.

But, awaking some days in the silence,
and awaiting a knock on your door,
spare a thought for this knuckle

– redundant.


PoetaMatusèl reads


Спокойной ночи     (Spakoynay nochi)

Or: No more Russian goodnights

Your departure has been like a death.
Your room, empty now, cold and hostile,
as if also resenting your loss.
There is in the flat like a chill,
nobody knits on the sofa, no more
merely whispered goodnights.
Even the birds are so quiet, I feel
sure that you would approve.
Like my father, who sits in the greenchair,
I expect I shall see a lot of you,
who will either be quietly smiling
or just looking, with mild dissaproval,
at this fool, who dreams of your hair.


PoetaMatusèl reads
Спокойной ночи (Spakoynay nochi)



The tunnel swallowed you too quickly.
Far too many things remained unsaid,
and words – important words – unuttered.

Suddenly, they all had seemed so urgent,
screaming for immediate declaration!

Now – you gone away – there is no hurry,
for I shall have, if nothing, many days,
to say all the things I did not dare to.

(But maybe my days will be short, yes,
maybe my days will be short…)


PoetaMatusèl reads


Down-the- deep-London-underground-Photo-Guido-Comin-PoetaMatusel


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  1. fear ha detto:

    I ƅloɡ often and I truly thank you for your information. The article has really peaked my inteгest.

    I’m going to tɑke a note of your site and keep checking for
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    • PoetaMatusèl ha detto:

      Thank you kindly!! I only occasionally write in English any more, but there are other poems scattered around the blog and in some collections listed in the top menu. Thanks again! :O)

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